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A record of your contractors, colloborators and other contributors to your track - all at a single click away.

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About the CREDITS Tab

The CREDITS Tab provides a convenient place to record all the contributors to your project, whether collaborators, work-for-hires, or even just a thank you. The tab is a simple form on the top half of the tab that populates the list in the bottom half.

The TrackStage Credits Tab

Enter a New Contributor
  1. Enter the name of the Contributor and/or the Company, if desired.
    If the party you wish to enter is already in your Contacts List, click on the and select them from the pop-up window, either by clicking on their listing and then clicking the Select button, or by simply double-clicking their listing.

    Using the Contact Lookup function to select a contact to add to the Credits Tab in TrackStage.

    All relevant information will be copied to the Contributor entry.

    If you are adding yourself to the list, click the to autofill your information as it appears in your User Profile.

  2. Select the Role(s) the contributor played on this track.
    Click on the Role(s) field and select one or more roles from the dropdown. Click the Select button when done.

    Selecting the roles that the contributor had on the track using the drop-down menu.

  3. Identify the Type of agreement in place with this Contributor.
    Rights Split: This contributor has composition, publishing, or master rights. Record the split share in the RIGHTS Tab.

    Work for Hire: This contributor was paid through a Work-For-Hire or other single pay-out contract. Attach the contract to the contributor record.

    Other: This contributor is either not receiving rights or compensation for their work on this track, or you have an alternate arrangement in place with them. Elaborate in the Notes field.

    Selecting the type of agreement that has been made with the contributor for this track - work for hire, rights share, etc.

  4. Add any Notes you wish.

    Adding Notes to the contributor record.

  5. If you wish to clear the form at any point, click the button.

  6. Save the record.
    Click on the button to save the Contributor record to the list.

    Clicking the Save Changes button in the Credits Tab

    The Contributor's record is saved to the list.

    The updated Credits Tab showing the Contributor's record saved to the list.

Edit a Contributor
  1. Select the Contributor in the List.
    The form fills with the entered data.

    The Credits Tab showing the Contributor record selected and the information in the form.

  2. Edit the Contributor in the Form.

    Editing the Contributor's agreement Type in the Credits Tab.

  3. Save Changes.
    Click on the button to save edits to the Contributor record.

    Clicking the Save Changes button to save the Contributor record to the track.

Delete a Contributor
  1. Select the Contributor in the list and click the button.

    Selecting a Contributor and clicking the Delete button to remove the record.

    The Delete Contributor dialog box opens.

  2. Click Ok.

    Confirming the deletion by clicking Ok in a dialog box.

    The contributor record is removed.

    The removed Contributor is no longer showing in the Credits tab

Attach a Contract or other Document to a Contributor

Once the Contributor has been added to the list, you can add a document to their record.

  1. Select the Contributor you want to add the document to.
    The Contract field will change to editable.

    The Credits Tab showing the Contract field as editable once the Contributor is selected.

  2. Click on the button to select a file.

    Clicking the Browse button to locate a contract to add to the Contributor record.

    Navigate to the document on your computer.
    NOTE: Only XLS, XLSX, RTF, PDF, DOC, TXT and DOCX files can be attached here.

  3. Click Open.

    Selecting the contract on the computer to add to the Contributor.

    The document is added to the Contributor record.

    The Credits Tab showing the contract as added to the track's Contributor.

Working with Attached Documents
  1. Click on View Contract to view the file.
    Depending on your operating system, the browser you are using, and the type of document, the file will either open in a browser window for viewing or will be downloaded to the Downloads folder on your computer.

    The Credits Tab showing where to click to view an added contract.

  2. Click on the trash can next to the contract to delete the file.

    The Credits Tab showing where to click to remove a contract from a Contributor record.