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Take control of your music business.

Build, manage, and administer your sync licensing career with a new and powerful suite of tools.

You've got this.

Manage your music.

Manage your Catalog

Get Organized

As an independent musician you have many hats to wear... and lots of details to manage that can easily fall through the cracks. PRO registrations. Split agreements. Work-for-hire contracts. Artwork. Copyrights. Stems and alternate mixes. Keywords. Metadata. It can be overwhelming.

TrackStage puts all the info you need in one place; easily accessible so you no longer have to sweat the details.  Catalog Features.

Try TrackStage 14-day trial. No credit card required.

More than a spreadsheet.

All your tracks in a single, comprehensive, extensive, and fully customizable space.

Everything a click away.

All your track’s details, artwork, keywords, splits, contracts, pitch history – all where you need it, when you need it.

Faster workflow.

Robust data filling to copy information to your stems, alternates, and any other tracks you like - in a flash.

Manage the Details

Show them you mean business.

Nothing can kill an opportunity faster than not having your act together when one comes knocking. Professionals prefer to work with professionals and no matter how good your music is, missing metadata or incorrect splits can cost you contracts, relationships, and your reputation.

TrackStage helps you make sure you are on top of the details and are always putting the most professional foot forward.  Catalog Features

Try TrackStage 14-day trial. No credit card required.

Tagged and ready.

Make sure you never send an audio file without all the right metadata.

Splits and rights.

Have all splits and necessary contracts at the go for when those syncs come in.

Targeted pitches.

Submit the right tracks to the right people for the right projects at the right time.

Manage the Metadata

Get discovered.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your latest track is if it doesn’t have metadata. Metadata is as important, and arguably even MORE important than the song itself. Say what??? Blasphemy! But it’s true. Without metadata, even Mozart would languish in oblivion. To find ears – and licenses – for your music, your tracks have to have the right descriptive and rights management metadata embedded to every audio file that leaves your computer.

TrackStage makes the entire metadata process, from keywords to tagging, smooth and foolproof.  Catalog Features

Try TrackStage 14-day trial. No credit card required.

Keywords made simple.

Browse hundreds of keywords to attach to your track – or create your own.

Tag from your catalog.

No more uploads. Your catalog tags the audio files directly on your hard drive.

No track left untagged.

See at-a-glance which tracks need metadata and which files aren't tagged.

Manage your Projects

Increase your odds.

Okay. Time to get real. How many tracks do you have collecting virtual dust on your hard drive that just need that final mix to get them done? We're right there with you. Inspiration can be fleeting, which can make working that amazing chord progression through to final release a matter of chance — especially when the next amazing chord progression pulls your focus.

TrackStage helps you to prioritize your projects to get more of your works out the door and ready to make you money Creative Features.

Try TrackStage 14-day trial. No credit card required.

Projects visualized.

Drag-n-drop project management. View development progress and what needs to be done to complete more tracks.

Connect & Collaborate.

Share files, assign tasks, create feedback surveys. Get the job done together.

Your process. Your way.

Customized stages and tasks, deadlines and alerts, notes and files. Everything about your project in one place: check.

Manage your Relationships

Make connections.

The music business, like ALL businesses, is really about people: who you know, how you connect with them. Building quality relationships based on giving your customers what they need when they need it builds your reputation – and your bank account.

TrackStage helps you target, connect to and build effective relationships with those in the industry who can make a difference for you.

Try TrackStage 14-day trial. No credit card required.

Do the homework.

Find the right projects and targets for your tracks with proven research tools.

Hit the mark.

Pick the right tracks quickly with our exclusive Pitch Wizard that matches your keywords to the opportunity.

Follow through.

Alerts and notifications show you when your track has been accessed – and remind you when to follow up.

Manage your Time

Focus on what matters most.*

Administering the business side of your sync music career can be a real time suck. No sooner do you celebrate the completion of that final mix, than you are into the drudgery of keywords, registrations, metadata and contracts, working with (and paying for) a boatload of different tools, software programs and websites. It's enough to make you want to curl up in a ball and check your Instagram feed. For hours. Or days. We know how it goes.

TrackStage clears away the clutter and hassle of multiple sites, subscriptions, and software. And makes once-tedious tasks simple and even (dare we say it?) fun. That way you can get back to doing what you do best: making the music that will change the world.

Try TrackStage 14-day trial. No credit card required.

Simplify your process.

Piece together multiple sites and tools to sort of do the job. Or have TrackStage cover all your bases in a single system.

From tedium to freedom.

Once repetitive and time-consuming tasks, made simple and quick.

Built for sync musicians.

No more struggling to make a generic tool work for your specific needs.



Get your tracks organized and your metadata tagged with the most comprehensive, customizable catalog on the market.

Comprehensive Data

  • Dozens of detailed data fields
  • Flag tracks as primary, alternate or stem
  • Keywords, Collaborators, Publishing, Artwork, Lyrics and more

Rights & Collaboration

  • Co-writing splits and publishing rights
  • Splits display in "Grouping" metadata field
  • Attach contracts and split sheets
  • Know when reversion dates approach
  • Mark tracks as one-stop, flag them as exclusive or available to be pitched

Flexible Workspace

  • Customizable columns; sort, hide, move
  • Advanced catalog filtering and sorting
  • Flag tracks as exclusive, non-exclusive, or exclusive/pitchable

Synced to your Hard Drive

  • Catalog synced to audio files on hard drive
  • Drag and drop an audio file into the folder to add the track to your catalog
  • Alerts for untagged or deleted audio files

Metadata Management

  • Tag MP3s/AIFs directly from your catalog
  • Existing MP3/AIF metadata shows in catalog
  • Choose from and add to hundreds of keywords with no limits
  • Copy metadata to linked tracks with a click
  • Edits show as flagged until files are tagged

Time Saving Functionality

  • Group tracks with their alternate and stem versions; copy and autofill track information
  • Autofill track numbers and track IDs in series
  • Export to DISCO and/or to a .CSV file


Take control of your creative process and dramatically increase the number of tracks you complete.

Kanban for Music Producers

  • Individual lanes for development stages from Concept to Release
  • Stage-specific tasks
  • Easy Drag-n-drop functionality

Advanced Task Management

  • View stage progress at a glance
  • Assign tasks to collaborators
  • Add new tasks on the fly

Flexible & Customizable

  • Show/Hide lanes on the fly
  • Choose the stages YOU use
  • Set your own default tasks for each stage

Manage your Creative Process

  • Find bottlenecks & identify low-hanging fruit
  • Get more projects across the finish line
  • Set deadlines and be alerted to overdue tasks and projects

All your Development in One Place

  • View all projects in progress
  • Attach audio files and notes
  • Find projects by name, genre, tasks, and files

Stage-Driven Progress

  • Tasks update according to stage
  • Drive projects from concept to release
  • Archive inactive projects
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Our Team

Who is RobottWorks?

How TrackStage was born

The TrackStage Story

What happens when a frustrated and overwhelmed new sync musician just happens to have a sympathetic software developer for a husband.

The RobottWorks Team

Robina & Scott Barker are the husband-and-wife team behind TrackStage. As an entrepreneur and a composer new to sync licensing, Robina quickly discovered that what business tools for musicians there were in the marketplace came up short and made running her career a complicated and confusing drain of time, money, and energy. So she enlisted the skills of her software-developer husband Scott, and together they built the most comprehensive, one-stop-shop business platform out there to help fellow musicians get organized, work strategically, and to gain traction in their sync licensing careers.

Robina and Scott Barker, creators of TrackStage
Subscription Options

Let's Get Busy!

TrackStage LITE $15/month USD
  • Comprehensive Catalog Platform
  • Alternates/Stems Management
  • Customizable Keyword Library
  • Integrated Metadata Tagging
  • Batch Editing
  • Untagged Metadata Alerts
  • Splits & Rights Maintenance
TrackStagePRO $22/month USD*
* billed annually; or $27 USD billed monthly
  • The COMPLETE Solution
  • ALL the Features in BASIC & SYNC
  • ALL the Features in CREATOR
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Pitching & Licensing Stats
  • Catalog & Project Analytics
  • Notifications & Deadlines
  • Goal Setting & Tracking
TrackStage SYNC $22/month USD
  • All the features in BASIC, plus:
  • Strategic Targeting
  • Pitching & Follow-Up Wizards
  • Send Tracks to DISCO
  • Trackable Playlists
  • Splits, Rights & Contracts
  • Complete Pitch & License Tracking
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*14-day Full TrackStage PRO trial. No credit card required.
Standalone Workflow Management

For Collaborators

TrackStage CREATOR $10/month USD
  • Drag n' Drop Project Board
  • Customizable Tasks
  • Task, Stage, & Project Deadlines
  • Attach Audio Files & Documents
  • Full Collaboration Support
  • Integrated Feedback Survey
  • Real-Time File Transfer
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*14-day Full TrackStage PRO trial. No credit card required.

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