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Go from Overwhelmed to Organized!


Because Chaos Costs You Opportunities
and You'd Rather Spend Your Time Making Music.

your Sync Music Career

I’m so confident that when you see just how seamlessly you can manage 100s - if not 1,000s - of your sync catalog tracks, with virtually EVERYTHING you need to keep track of, all in a SINGLE integrated space, you’ll never look back.

How TrackStage was born

I’m Robina Ritchie-Barker. And like you, I am a sync musician faced with not only writing my music, but also having to manage all the details. The not so fun stuff. The keywords, the registrations, the splits, the contracts, the metadata tagging. All the stuff that packages my songs into tracks that are ready to be pitched to music supervisors and other industry professionals.

So my husband Scott and I developed the ULTIMATE business platform to help fellow sync musicians manage ALL the details so you can stay professional, organized, and on top of your game.

100% Risk-Free; No Credit Card Required.

Built by Sync Musicians for Sync Musicians

TrackStage was built by sync musicians for professional sync musicians SPECIFICALLY.

Because you know that as a sync professional, there’s work to be done.

But we know what you REALLY want to spend your time on is making your MUSIC.

100% Risk-Free; No Credit Card Required.

Wouldn't you rather be working on your music instead of...

  • filling in spreadsheet after spreadsheet?
  • copying and pasting and copying and pasting?
  • wandering around your hard drive looking for the perfect song for that pitch?
  • wondering if you’ve got all your rights splits in place?
  • worrying if you sent in a pitch with missing metadata?
  • repeating the same info in multiple websites, notes, spreadsheets & metadata taggers?
  • feeling out of control?
  • worrying that you're missing something important?

That's EXACTLY what TrackStage will Fix for You.

Everything in ONE Place

Take CONTROL of your Sync Career!

14-Day Trial To TrackStage PRO
You have TWO FULL WEEKS to jump in and test drive TrackStage.

Do you know what that could do for you?

  • Get all your tracks organized, tagged, and pitch-ready!
  • Instantly see, edit, and tag all track metadata - right from your catalog!
  • Get all your primary, alternate and stem versions organized and easy to find
  • Automatically populate your PRO-registered split information*
  • Create streaming links and fully formatted playlists with a click
  • Track when your playlists have been opened and downloaded
  • Import your industry connections
  • Keep a record of all pitches and their results
  • Keep track of all your songs in progress from concepts to release
  • ...and so much more!
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But that's just the BEGINNING!

Because when you Claim Your 14 Day FREE Trial...



TrackView Metadata Viewer

Do a final check of your metadata before you send any audio file to industry professionals!

Pitch with Confidence.

  • Verify all metadata including contact information is in place and correct.
  • Conforms to iTunes character limits
  • Icons to identify Critical, Important, and Additional Metadata
  • Formatting tips from the Music Supervisor's Guild
  • Drag n' Drop simplicity

Avoid Embarrassing and Costly
'Newbie' Mistakes!

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But Wait, There's MORE!


TrackStage University

A four-part live weekly webinar series to make you a TrackStage Power User:

QuickStart BootCamp

This hands-on, guided webinar will get you up and running and ready to roll with your new CATALOG.

Workflow BootCamp

Learn to organize your CATALOG, add keywords and metadata, and get your tracks ready for pitching.

Targets, Pitches & Licenses

Dive into targeting the right opportunities and pitching with our PitchWizard in this step-by-step MasterClass.

CREATIVE MasterClass

Learn how to manage your creative workflow - tasks, files, surveys & collaborators - from concept to release.

100% Risk-Free; No Credit Card Required.

Yeah, We're Not Done Yet...


Ready, Set, Pitch Package

Set yourself up for success with this quartet of organizational tools for sync musicians.

File Structure Workbook

Sometimes a brief comes in with a tight deadline. You need to know exactly what you’re looking for and exactly where to find it. The better your folder structure, the more likely you’ll find that track when you need it. The solution is a system. A system you set up in advance that you stick to. This workbook helps you design a folder structure that works for YOU.

Naming Conventions Worksheet

How you name your tracks - whether incrementing development files, identifying a stem vs a full track, or naming completed tracks so they clearly identify the track's version - can save you a ton of time and headaches. This worksheet helps you identify your own naming style so you can design a naming convention that is easy to stick to.

Metadata Mastery Spreadsheet

Metadata can be bewildering to those new to sync. There are many details to capture about a track, and many mystifying fields that show up on tagged audio files. This spreadsheet enables you to capture critical information about your tracks while taking the mystery out of metadata with explanations and examples for all fields.

Pitch-Ready Checklist

From the moment you produce your final mastered mixdown, your job is far from over before you are ready to pitch a song. The Pitch-Ready Checklist takes you step-by-step through PRO registrations, Keywords, Splits, metadata tagging - everything you need to do, all laid out so you can ensure your song is ready for prime time.

100% Risk-Free; No Credit Card Required.

But Here's the BIG ONE.


PitchReady Conscierge

We'll do the hard part. We’ll get you started.

Get a fully organized, pitch-ready catalog from DAY ONE.

On day one, when your paid subscription starts with TrackStage, we’ll take your tangle of audio files, metadata spreadsheets, and PRO-registered splits and turn them all into an organized, powerful, easy-to-use catalog, with your tracks, alternates & stems fully integrated, tagged, and ready to pitch.

Then we’ll work with you to build your new management process: a streamlined, effective, system that will keep you on top of the details, ready to answer the call whenever opportunity knocks.

No more headaches over getting your tracks in order or worrying about missing metadata. TrackStage will reboot and energize your workflow, allowing you to focus on what you do best – creating music.

"The hardest part is starting. Once you get that out the way, you'll find the rest of the journey much easier." -- Simon Sinek

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When you Start Your...

You have TWO FULL WEEKS to jump in and test drive TrackStage.

Do you know what that could do for you?

  • TrackView Metadata Viewer        
    ($40 Value)
  • 14-Day All-Access Unlimited Trial To TrackStage PRO
  • Four-Week TrackStage University        
    ($500 Value)
  • FREE File Structure & Naming Conventions Worksheets
  • FREE Metadata Mastery Spreadsheet
  • FREE Pitch-Ready Checklist
  • FREE Access to the Complete TrackStage Knowledge Base & Tutorials
  • PitchReady Conscierge        
    (up to $1,000 Value)
  • Actual Value:
  • Get Started today for FREE!
100% Risk-Free; No Credit Card Required.

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